Justin Bieber asks Local 10 photographer to delete picture

Bieber sat courtside at Game 7 of Eastern Conference finals

Justin Bieber (blue and white hat, black shirt) points out a Local 10 photographer who took his picture.

MIAMI – Despite sitting courtside at Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals -- a game watched by millions on national television -- teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber was apparently camera shy when a Local 10 photographer took his picture.

Bieber sicced his bodyguard on the photographer, who snapped the above picture with a cell phone.

Bieber is wearing the blue and white hat. He's looking in the direction of his bodyguard but you can see him pointing back at the photographer.

According to the photographer, who asked not to be identified, one of Bieber's boys came over and demanded he delete the picture from his cell phone. Then the bodyguard approached and made the same request. 

Of course, the photographer politely explained that he wasn't deleting anything.  

Before the exchange got out of hand, a security guard for AmericanAirlines Arena stepped in and basically told the bodyguard to get lost.  Before he left though, he asked the photographer one more time to delete the picture. 

At that point, according to the photographer, Bieber relented and said "He can have the picture."

The Biebs then moseyed off with his posse in tow.