Northeast Miami-Dade homes being turned into rooming houses

Citations, fines issued by county investigators


MIAMI – People living in northeast Miami Dade say that two single-family homes have been turned into rooming houses in their upscale neighborhood.

Those people described the houses in the Skylake neighborhood as motels with new residents coming and going each month.

Some of those neighbors of a house on Northeast 197th Terrace refused to talk on camera, afraid of retaliation, but said the driveway is like a parking lot -- every car having out of state tags.

One source claimed the three-bedroom house may be an unlicensed sober house, but those who live there said it wasn't. A man who came out of the house said eight people live there.

"It's a great spot man. We have a pool and everything," he said.

"I live here with a couple of guys I know from childhood," said another man.

One of those men said there were two apartments inside.

Just down the block on Northwest 21st Court, another single-family home has been turned into a rooming house, according to neighbors.

"They have threatened my safety," said one neighbor who asked to remain unnamed. "They have threatened to attack me. They told me that they are serving sentences and this is part of the probation. They need to be clean and sober."

As Local 10 approached the house, one man living there said otherwise.

"We don't bother anyone," he said. "We all have jobs and we just do our jobs and share the rent."

Local 10 sent hidden cameras inside and got a full tour. People inside explained that $300 could rent a room for one week.

"Everyone here is concerned about them. Everyone here is watching them. There are guys pacing the neighborhood," said another neighbor.

Miami-Dade County sent investigators to the Skylake neighborhood and issued citations and fines.

Part II of Local 10's investigation airs at 11 p.m. Wednesday.