Miami Tower catches Heat fever

Intercontinental Hotel, Freedom Tower lighting up to support Miami Heat

MIAMI – The Miami Tower is catching Heat fever.

The lights on the iconic building downtown will alternate between red and white Thursday night during Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs.

"If you think of the skyline, it's like the Empire State Building's equivalent," said Ingrid Vasquez with the Miami Tower.

Vasquez flips the switch on the 216 LED lights that ring each of the four levels of the building. She decides what color they display.

"Usually, we just play red -- stagnant red, white, and red for the Heat -- or just plain red. The building looks really pretty in red," she said.

The Intercontinental Hotel will turn white and have the Miami Heat's logo and "Let's go Heat" scroll across its 19-story digital canvas on Thursday. The Freedom Tower will stick with it's White Hot Heat theme for the finals.