Miami, San Antonio opera opera companies bet on NBA Finals

Classical musicians get in on NBA Finals


MIAMI – Just in time for Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Miami's Grand Opera and San Antonio's Opera Piccola have thrown down their gauntlets and horned helmets to make a wager with each other about the outcome of the series.

The losing company will send an artist to the winning city to perform a show that will be free and open to the public.

One more stipulation to the bet is that the losing opera company's CEO must send the winner a pack of food and tokens that showcase the city's food and culture.

"I'm looking forward to this," said Susan Danis, General Director and CEO at Florida Grand Opera. "I've always wanted to try genuine Tex-Mex."

"Texans are always up for a good bet," said Mark A. Richter, General and Artistic Director of Opera Piccola of San Antonio.

Sports and opera fans are encouraged to follow the action on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #NBAoperaFinals to discuss everything from the game to suggested repertoire for the recital.


--Courtesy: Florida Grand Opera