Why is jury selection so slow?


SANFORD, Fla. – Number 1 question I am fielding on Twitter re: #zimmermantrial is about the pace of jury selection: Why so slow, you ask?

I sat down with Orlando-based criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor Amir Ladan about that to get an answer. Here's what he had to say:

"It is painfully slow but it needs to be slow. I think my concern would be if they did this jury questionnaire and then brought in 30 people at one time, you could end up tainting your jury panel by asking these questions openly amongst 30 people and that's why they are taking them one at a time."

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"I think that folks that are following the trial need to understand that this is going to take a long time because it is probably the most important part of the process. Once you impanel the jury, you don't get to speak with them again, we don't get to know what their positions are and so it really is vital to making sure that they have a fair and impartial jury to preside over the case."