Driver detained after 2 pedestrians struck, killed

Charges pending toxicology results of Alyza Russell


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Police detained a driver who detectives say hit and killed two pedestrians in the 500 block of West Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale early Thursday morning.

Alyza Russell, 22, lost control of her 2012 Porsche Panamera while trying to make a left turn at 5th Avenue, police said.

"I heard the screech, and when the car come through -- it looked like something out of a movie," said Michael Lacey. "She was trying to drive off but the chain was up. She couldn't go anywhere anyways."

Police drew blood from Russell. Charges are pending the outcome of a toxicology report.

"Investigators believe that she was under the influence of an unknown substance, and so the warrant was obtained from an on-duty judge and that's when the blood draw was effected," said Fort Lauderdale Police Det. DeAnna Greenlaw.

Two passengers in Russell's car were also taken to police headquarters to give statements. A police officer drove Russell home later in the morning.

In May 2012, Russell was cited for driving without a valid license and without her headlights on. Russell, from Maryland, told a friend Wednesday night that she was heading to an event in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Police didn't immediately identify the two victims. A man named Owen said the two pedestrians were homeless and knew them as Slim and Zoe.

"That is his bike. I know that bike from anywhere. That's his only bike," said Owen. "He sleeps in the parking lot all the time. When it is hot outside and it is nice, he sleeps in this parking lot."


"I saw every bit of it," added Lacey. "It scared me to death."

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