Judge in George Zimmerman trial confronts potential juror over Facebook post

SANFORD, Fla. – Potential jurors in the George Zimmerman trial in Seminole County criminal court were expected to answer attorneys' questions truthfully – but one failed to do so Wednesday.

After nearly an hour of questioning from both the defense and the prosecution, Judge Debra Nelson refreshed a local artist's memory. She held in her hand evidence that he had posted something on Facebook even though he claimed he hadn't.

"Did you post something on March 21, 2012 under the Coffee Party Progressives?"

Judge Nelson then circled the posting on a print out and had someone hand it to the potential juror identified as E7 to protect his identity.  

Special prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda asked the potential juror if he was exposed to the case in February of  2012. The self-described "underemployed" musician answered in the negative.  

" To be strictly honest, it's hard to remember," the potential juror said.

When asked if he posted anything on Facebook, he said, "No.  Best to avoid, at times."

Seminole County Court spokeswoman Michelle Kennedy report four potential jurors were dismissed Wednesday but did not identify them.

According to The Coffee Party Progressives website, the organization is a "network of progressives, social liberals, and citizen activists."

 Before it was removed Thursday, the potential juror's Facebook post read:

" …. In Sanford … & I CAN tell you THIS. "Justice" … IS Coming! … & I'll tell you why. The ONLY reason this corrupt City Police dept. was stonewalling was because since they KNOWINGLY worked with this self-appointed "Neighborhood Watch" Security … & KNEW he carried a weapon … they knew they AND the Homeowners Association were liable for HUGE $$$ damages in court … MINUTES after the shooting occurred. But with the noise WE made … it couldn't be covered up. I only hope the Feds go farther than just THIS case in investigating This "Police Force". The Seminole County "Justice' System needs an ENEME … &they  just MIGHT GET one!"