Man charged after horses found starving at Miami Gardens rach

Andrew Winningham charged with animal cruelty, confinement of animals without food or exercise

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Police on Wednesday arrested a property manager after finding two malnourished horses at a ranch in Miami Gardens.

Police charged Andrew Winningham with animal cruelty and confinement of animals without food or exercise.

The South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals rescued the two paint horses Sunday after they were found two trapped inside their stalls without food or water. One of the horse, a 4-year-old mare, suffered from colic after she was rescued. Officials reported that the two horses were eating wood and their own manure.

A third horse, a 4-year-old racehorse, was found at the ranch Wednesday.

"Our officers observed a very, very, extremely skinny horse," said Miami Gardens Police Det. Mike Wright. "It appeared to have bug bites, a lot of cuts, appeared to be malnourished."

Winningham hasn't been charged in connection with that horse, although investigators said he hid that horse and officers found it while following up on the two rescued Sunday.

"The caretaker admitted to concealing these animals because he didn't have anyone to call or contact," said Wright. "At this point we just want to make sure that -- number one -- the horses get better treatment."

Winningham told police when he bought the racehorse, it was in bad condition.

Police have been unable to find the owner of the horses or the ranch.

Anyone who wants to donate to a fund created to care for the horses can do so at this link.