GUIDE: George Zimmerman trial jurors' profiles

SANFORD, Fla. – The six jurors in the second-degree murder trial of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin are all women.

Five of them are white and one is black. Their ethnicity is unknown. Five of them are mothers. Two of them have lived in Seminole County for less than eight months. Two are closely related to attorneys and two work in the medical field.

B-29 is a woman, whose ethnicity is unclear. She is the only woman of color in the jury. She moved from Chicago four months ago. She is a mother of eight kids and has been married for about a decade. She works as the nurse of an Alzheimer's ward and when she is not watching reality T.V., she is checking her Facebook. She said she was arrested once. VIDEO: Interview highlights

B-76 is a white woman who is a longtime Sanford resident. She relies on an over-the-air antenna for T.V. news. Her son is an attorney who deals with foreclosures and bankruptcies. State wanted to get rid of B-76 because of a comment she made during her interview. Her daughter, she said, did not think it was acceptable for 17-year-old Trayvon Martin to be out late at night. He was killed about 7 p.m.  She said the only reason why she refers to the Orlando Sentinel is to get the coupons. VIDEO: Interview highlights

B-37 is a white woman who is an animal lover. She is married to an attorney who deals with space law. She works for a Chiropractor, and said that newspapers were for her parrot cage. "It's a lot better use," she said. "I just don't think they're truthful." The mother of two adult daughters also said she took care of three dogs, four cats and had recently rescued a lizard. She described protests in Sanford as "rioting" and Trayvon as "a boy of color." VIDEO: Interview highlights

B-51 is a white woman from Atlanta who has lived in Central Florida since the 1980s and now lives in the City of Oviedo. She is a single retiree who doesn't have children.  She has a dog and a cat. Her parents live in Jacksonville. She has experience in real estate. And as the director of a call center in Brevard County, she supervised 1,200 employees. Experts believe she will be named the Jury Foreperson. VIDEO: Interview highlights.

E-6 is a blond white woman. She is the mother of two teenagers ages 11 and 13. She said she used to work in financial services, but hasn't been working since September. During the interview, she also revealed she had been the victim of domestic violence and was arrested once. VIDEO: Interview highlights.

E-40 is a woman who has lived in Seminole County for seven months and has also lived in California and Iowa.  She is married to a chemical engineer and has a 28-year-old son who works in the fast food industry. She has worked as a safety officer for nearly two decades and enjoys traveling, reading and sports. VIDEO: Interview highlights.


Two of them were women and two of them were men. One of the men was dismissed early in the trial. 

After the closing arguments, Judge Debra Nelson privately dismissed the three alternate jurors. 

E-13 is a single white woman who has lived in Seminole County for 17 years. She is a college student, who has two jobs. She was a surgical assistant for two years. During her free time, she enjoys riding horses. The churchgoer said she heard the shooting was a "racial thing." VIDEO: Interview highlights.

E-54 is a white man who appears to be in his late 50s. He has lived in Seminole County for about 14 years, and has been married for five years. His wife is an engineering assistant. He has two step-sons, and one of them is a 16-year-old who wears "hoodies." He recalled seeing photos of the injuries to Zimmerman's head and face. He also has a passion for genealogy. VIDEO: Interview highlights.

E-28 is a white woman who works in an operating room at a local hospital. She said she enjoys watching crime drama shows like Law & Order during her free time. She is the mother of two adults, a daughter and a son. VIDEO: Interview highlights.