Kmart's new back to school commercial features 'yo mama' jokes

Commercial shows kids in schoolyard making playful jabs at each other


DETROIT – After the viral success of "Ship My Pants" and "Big Gas Savings", Kmart is back to school with a new viral hit.

Kmart's "Back to School Layaway" promotion is all about "yo mama" jokes. The spot shows children in a schoolyard using "yo mama" jokes to compliment each other's mother's for being smart, and shopping at Kmart for their back to school supplies, and clothing.

Last month, Kmart released a commercial offering "Big gas savings." Of course, if said quickly, it sounds like something else (you get the idea).

And before that, the commercial that started it all, Kmart released a commercial promoting free shipping, with a "ship my pants" play on words commercial. The video was a viral hit. The commercial cuts to various customers with wide eyes as they find out they can "ship their pants" in the store. Other customers follow with, "I just shipped my drawers," "I just shipped my bed."

Watch the new Kmart commercial below, and let us know what you think!


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