2 basketball hoops stolen from summer camp

Gang Alternative gets hoops back broken


MIAMI – Organizers of a summer camp in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood hoped to find whoever stole two brand-new basketball hoops, then broke them.

The goal of Gang Alternative, a non-profit organization, is to keep kids off the street and surround them with positive influences.

"They teach us about things in life and lead us to the right path," said camper Ann-Sophie Lubrin.

"They teach us about the bible and to worship God. We play and have fun," added camper Kimberly Marsellie.

The organization used donation money to buy three basketball hoops.

"We use this parking lot where they can play full court and even some of the kids in the community that are not a part of our program, they'll come and play," said Ezra Dieuveille with Gang Alternative.

Until Saturday night, when someone stole two of their brand-new hoops, priced at $250 each.

Police were able to find them, but they were returned broken and unusable.

"Why they want to steal two basketball hoops when they could buy they own?" Lubrin asked.

"To me, it's crossing the line. It's a violation to come here without anybody watching you and taking it," said camper Medjine Exinor.

"They are still having fun and they are going to make the best of it, which is great, but as you can see, we have a lot of kids here, which is why we have multiple hoops," Dieuveille said.

Anyone who wants to donate to Gang Alternative can contact them at 786-391-2375.