Fire Rescue service reduction proposed in Miami-Dade

Fire, rescue trucks to be closed on random days, says department


MIAMI – The Miami-Dade Fire Department is considering what they call a "rolling brown-out," a reduction in service to save money for the upcoming budget year.

According to Metro-Dade IAFF Local 1403, the closure of fire trucks and rescue trucks are expected to take place around Miami-Dade County on random days in order to reduce expenditures.

Officials said the fire unit and fire chief have been forced to implement a provision in the labor agreement that will allow this.

While this will be a reduction to service in the community, the department said it will be evenly spread throughout the entire fire district. This is expected to take place as early as Monday, July 22.

Metro Dade Fire realizes this will put lives in danger, but said that this is one of the only options to reduce expenditures in their budget.