Roads close because of flooding; some raft down streets

Residents worried about flooding

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The Broward Sheriff's Office closed several roads in eastern Oakland Park following Wednesday heavy rainfall.

According to BSO, deputies closed Prospect Road from Andrews Avenue to Dixie Highway; Northeast 6th Avenue from Commercial Boulevard to Northeast 38th Street; and, Northeast 38th Street from Dixie Highway to Andrews Avenue. It's unclear when the roadways will reopen.

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"Thirty-one years I have lived here and for 31 year this happens every time we get downpours," said Kevin Holmberg. "Twice a month they come here and they suck the drains but it seems it never works."

Crews vacuumed up standing water on Prospect Road because it wasn't draining.

"We will be a while," said James Spencer.

Men who work for a stucco company couldn't work, so they spent the day rafting down their street.

"Every time we have a solid rain storm like that, this is what happens," said John Haywood. "Oakland Park stays flooded. It's crazy but why not."

"I saw it on TV so I headed home from work and wanted to check things out," added Shar Wolfe, who also recently moved to Oakland Park.

Collin Evans, who owns a business on the flooded street, recently moved to the area. He said that he was told it doesn't flood.

"We just spent a lot of money refurbishing the place," Evans said. "Setting up the office and everything like that."

Evans said it would have been devastating if water had gotten inside his business.

J.R. Tashman was stranded. She said seven months ago, she tried driving her Mini Cooper through some floodwaters, only for it to fail.

"The last time it rained like this, my engine actually sucked up the water and I had to have the insurance company put a new engine in it so I can't move it," she said.