Tea Party leader says Facebook was hacked

Danita Kilcullen says she didn't make post to Toni Braxton


PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Fort Lauderdale Tea Party founder and co-director Danita Kilcullen claims in an email that her Facebook was "hacked" in a way that "could bring great damage or violence."

The email was sent out to Tea Party people and appears to pertain to a report Wednesday on a racist Facebook post that appeared on Kilcullen's page.

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The post came in response to a tweet from singer Toni Braxton that she was "embarrassed to be an American" after the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. The post from Kilcullen: "yo, girl You can't take America's justice system??? Go be an African!!"

Kilcullen refused to comment about the post, but sent this email out claiming that was hacked and she believes it was hacked by the... Republican Party.

Specifically, she claims it was a backlash by Broward Republican Executive Committee Secretary Cara Pavalock over a conflict regarding gay marriage. I spoke with Pavalock Thursday morning and she said she not only didn't hack Kilcullen's page, but also doesn't have the technical knowledge to pull off a stunt like that even if she wanted to.

Here's the email below:

Tea Party Fort Lauderdale:

My facebook has been hacked.  I believe this to be a backlash following the June 24th BREC meeting when we learned that BREC Secretary Cara Pavalock sent emails as Secretary of BREC to members asking them to wear red if they support gay marriage, and to show support for those BREC members who bravely voiced their support for gay marriage in Anthony Man's Sun Sentinel article a couple of days prior.  I sent a response to the Man article saying, e.g., "Who cares who is gay, whoever cared who is gay... why does this always have to be a headliner, and why is the BREC secretary using her position to influence the membership." 

Chairman Truex and Vice Chair Butler addressed TEA PARTY FORT LAUDERDALE re this issue on Saturday, June 29 at our regularly scheduled meeting.  No decision was made on what would be determined re Ms. Pavalock at that time; however, the TPFL membership present on that day did not agree that Ms. Pavalock should receive a "slap-on-the-wrist" as suggested by Chairman Truex, followed-up with 'business-as-usual'.

Following is a letter from Vice Chair Butler to me proposing to BREC the steps to be taken.  The 15th of July was on this past Monday.  Since I did not receive results from that meeting, perhaps they will be divulged at the next BREC meeting on July 22.  I would like everyone to attend that.

Undeneath Vice Chair Butler's letter is the facebook posting and my "visit" from Bob Norman yesterday.

A little prayer from my friends is welcomed.