Police investigate double homicide in Hollywood

2 young men found dead at Hollywood home, says police

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Police are investigating after they say two young men were found dead early Saturday at a home in Hollywood.

Officers from the Hollywood Police Department responded to 1845 Taylor Street at 2:12 a.m. Saturday after gunshots were heard in the area.

"I heard like rapid six to eight shots and I thought it was firecrackers," said Bradley Shield. "I didn't go outside. I didn't know anything. I didn't see anything. As I learned later, it was gunshots."

Once they arrived, police said officers discovered a man in the front yard of the home and another man in the back of the home. Lt. Nikki Coffin believes both are connected.

Hollywood police identified the victims as 22-year-old Andre Kemp and 22-year-old Michael Clayton Baker. Both were declared dead at the scene by Hollywood Fire Rescue.

Vicki Keuhl, whose home became a crime scene on Saturday, found the one body in her front yard.

"I woke up around one in the morning and I heard someone like pounding on the door, so I went to the back door and I didn't see anybody back there," said Keuhl. "I came to the front and saw the man lying in the yard. He was laying on the ground, not moving or anything. It was really bad."

Keuhl's next door neighbors told Local 10's Baron James they knew at least one of the deceased men.

"He had a wife and an 18-month-old baby," said neighbor Debra Blachard.

"I know he's been here for about a year, but he's a real quiet guy," said Shield. "You know real nice guy with a small kid. I never saw him arguing, hurt anybody or nothing like that. That's why I couldn't believe it, you know?"

"What about the second victim?" Local 10's Baron James asked Blachard.

"I was told it was his brother," Blachard answered.

Shield said crime is no stranger to this neighborhood.

"Maybe about two years ago, there was a white man shot in the same alley back out here," said Shield.

"It's just getting too dangerous," said Keuhl. "I thought he was just passed out drunk. There are a lot of drugs and alcohol next door."

"You can just be walking and someone can shoot you out of no where, it's crazy," said neighbor Emilio Morales. "Too much prostitution, too many drugs. That's how it happens, that's the bottom line."

The Hollywood Police Department is asking for any witnesses or anyone who may have any information regarding the homicides to call Hollywood police at 954-967-HELP, or call Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477).