Question on medical marijuana to be on Miami Beach ballot


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Pot smokers on Miami Beach will soon have their voices heard.

In the midst of sometimes heated discussions among commissioners about the Miami Beach Convention Center, historic homes, and proposed developments around town, a resolution unanimously passed to put a straw ballot question in November's special election regarding medical marijuana.

On Friday, all commissioners agreed to have an item on the ballot asking voters whether the city should urge the Florida legislature and the federal government to decriminalize and authorize the use of medical marijuana. The resolution is non-binding; no city laws would change no matter how the public votes.

The ballot question would, however, test public opinion on Miami Beach about the use of marijuana.

In 2011, a group collected signatures and asked that commissioners put an issue on a November ballot that would have ordered the city to instruct police not to enforce some state marijuana laws.

Commissioners quashed the ballot initiative; Miami Beach City Attorney Jose Smith said, based on legal precedent, the city doesn't have authority over state law regarding marijuana.

The upcoming election is Tuesday, November 5th.