1 charged after brawl at youth soccer game

Players, parents involved in fight

MIAMI – One South Florida teenager was charged with felony battery following a brawl at a soccer game in Orlando.

The Disney Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament ended in an all-out brawl among the players, and even some parents, over the weekend.

"This is not acceptable. It gives the sport a bad name in this country," said Matthew Feinberg, father of one of the injured players.

Feinberg's son, Jordan, a goalie for the winning Orlando team, was caught in the middle. He said a group of players from Miami piled on his son, kicking and punching him. His son suffered a concussion and several cuts and bruises.

Feinberg said the attackers weren't just the players.

"The parents were just thugs," Feinberg said. "It's one thing to excuse a child's behavior, but when the parents rush out onto the field and join in with their children in whatever is going on, it's despicable."

One of the Miami players, a 16-year-old, has now been charged with felony battery.

Local 10's John Turchin caught up a trio of boys who've played with several of the Pachuca FC Miami teams. None thought the teen should have been singled out.

"The fact that he was charged criminally, I don't think was fair at all," said Eric Fuenmayor.

"Everybody got in the fight, not just him, the whole team, so I think both teams should be paying the price, not just one person," added Christian Jimenez.

A representative for the Pachuca FC Miami said her team is being unfairly targeted because they're Hispanic. She thinks every player and parent on that field should be held accountable.

"It's almost like a dream," Feinberg said. "You see the stories on the news, but you don't expect it to happen to you."

The foundation that runs the Pachuca Football Club issued a statement, saying: "The 90 minutes Foundation regrets these unfortunate events and is concerned about injuries to players and spectators. We wish any persons injured at the game a quick and speedy recovery."