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Moms upset over Bündchen's daughter's piercings

Supermodel Gisele posted picture on Instagram

What may seem perfectly normal in some cultures has angered people in others, even if it involves one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

And isn't that the way the world is these days?

The latest "firestorm" has arisen over an Instagram picture that supermodel Gisele Bündchen sent out while on a Costa Rican vacation.

In the picture, Gisele is seen holding her and husband Tom Brady's daughter Vivian.

What has caused the controversy is the fact that 8-month-old Vivian's ears are pierced; an issue that doesn't sit well with those that believe the infant is too young to have pierced ears.

Bündchen is Brazilian and in many Latin America countries, and here in South Florida, it is fairly common for an infant girl's ears to be pierced.

Despite the picture having received over 58,000 likes, some mothers call the procedure cruel and needless.