Man fakes kidnapping to keep girlfriend from leaving him

Mathew Corp, 35, was arrested Saturday for trying to use 911 to stop his girlfriend from leaving him.

TAVERNIER, Fla. – Police arrested a Tavernier man Saturday for faking his girlfriend's kidnapping to keep her from leaving him.

Mathew Corp, 35, called Monroe County Sheriff's Office dispatchers about 2 p.m. to  report that two men had kidnapped his wife. They fled in a U-Haul truck, he told police.

When police arrived to Corp's home, they found him drunk.  He was yelling at two women. One of them identified herself as Corp's "now ex-girlfriend" and said she was moving out.

To keep her from leaving his apartment, Corp told police he called in the false kidnapping. His tactic didn't work.

Instead, it got him arrested and charged with misuse of 911 and resisting arrest.