Man in jailhouse attack staying in jail

Kenneth Williams charged with possession of contraband


MIAMI – A 27-year-old man who jumped from the second floor of the Miami-Dade County jail to avoid an attack found out he'll be staying in a jail longer than he planned.

Kenneth Williams still had his ankle wrapped Monday, which he broke after a security breach opened jail cell doors in a maximum security wing of the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami on June 13.

"He's still in a lot of pain, but staying in jail is probably even more pain and we expected him [Williams] to get out today," said J.C. Dugue, Williams' attorney.

In surveillance video obtained by The Miami Herald, three inmates confront a shirtless Williams, 27, who runs down the hallway of the maximum security wing. He climbs over a railing and jumps down to the floor below.

Watch: Surveillance Video

Williams lands on the floor, grabs the leg of another inmate, then hands him what appears to be a knife or blade. Corrections officers then force inmates back into their cells.

"Someone told us that it seemed like an episode of 'Oz,' which I think everyone has watched at some point," said Dugue. "It's still shocking."

On Monday, prosecutors dropped unrelated charges against Williams and his brother, but filed a charge of possession of contraband against Williams that stemmed from the security breach.

Dugue said Williams would have been released Monday if not for the video. He said a lawsuit will be filed against the Miami-Dade County Corrections Department.

"We expect that to be coming down the pipe real soon," said Dugue.

Two correctional employees said similar breaches happened at least three times in the last few months. One employee told Local 10 that correctional employees operate the computerized system.

The Miami-Dade County corrections department released a statement last week, saying: "The incident which occurred in June 2013 at the Turner Guilford Knight ("TGK") facility is part of an ongoing criminal and MDCR internal investigation and pursuant to Florida State Statutes and departmental policy may not be commented on until the investigation(s) cease to be active. No information related to the incident has been officially and/or authorized to be released by MDCR and may not accurately relay the totality of events."