Man steals radio-controlled trucks

Vehicles worth $2,255 stolen from Maniacs Hobby Complex in Plantation

PLANTATION, Fla. – Police in Plantation are looking for a man who stole two radio-controlled trucks worth $2,255 from Maniacs Hobby Complex.

The theft happened at 7676 Peters Road on Aug. 12.

"I saw the car pull up and I looked at the other cashier and I was like man, this guy looks a little weird," said Carina Arrieta.

Arrieta was manning the front door last Monday afternoon and said something about the man didn't sit well with her.

"The way he walked in -- he didn't even look around. He just went straight for it and walked right out," she said.

The man walked into the store, grabbed the two boxes, then left in an older model silver Dodge Intrepid (pictured below), police said.

The store has been targeted by thieves before. In May of 2009, two men stole four remote-controlled trucks worth $7,200 from the store.

"Please, please, please call police. Let's get him," said store manager Emily Mitchell. "Obviously, if he's done this here, I'm sure he's done this at other businesses, so let's get him off the streets."

Anyone with information is asked to call the Plantation Police Department at 954-797-2193 or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.