Woman's $2 deed spreads kindness across South Florida

Send videos of your random acts of kindness to Share@Local10.com

KENDALL, Fla. – Local 10 is encouraging people across South Florida to give back to the community, with random acts of kindness.

Jen Herrera has been featuring stories of people who give back on Local 10 each week and it seems like her message is catching on!

On Monday, Local 10 viewer Melissa sent in a video of a good deed she did over the weekend. She said she was at a red light in Kendall when she noticed a homeless man standing on the street in the heat.

Melissa found $2 in her car and gave it to him so he could buy a bottle of water. Hopefully someone else will learn from Melissa and continue the random acts of kindness across the South Florida.

We ask that you send us your random acts of kindness that we will feature on Local 10 and Local10.com. We want you to send us your pictures or videos to share@local10.com or upload your items here.