Local 10's Tamika Bickham preparing for physique competition

Local 10 reporter training to compete in National Physique Committee Competition


SOUTH MIAMI, Fla. – Local 10's Tamika Bickham is on a mission.

She has nine weeks of grueling workouts to go before she's competing in her first National Physique Committee Competition and she's sharing every step of the way with Local 10's viewers.

Since she began training at SoMi Fitness in South Miami nine weeks ago, Tamika has lost 15 pounds and dropped two dress sizes. But it hasn't been easy. She's spent two to three hours each day working out and several more each week preparing healthy foods.

Helping her with every aspect of competition prep are her trainers, Maggy and Alex Cambronero. They're pros in the bodybuilding world that happen to be married to one another.

"We're here to push you, monitor your progress and get you to where you want to be," Maggy explained.

Their training of Tamika includes workouts and diet plans and will teach her how to pose, when competition time comes.

Tamika isn't the only one juggling training with a busy life. Another competitor who trains at SoMi knows the challenges all too well.

"Initially, it was difficult trying to squeeze it all in," Jennifer Edward told a Local 10 crew. "I'm married, I have three kids and I have to fit in double cardio, a workout..."

Edward won't be competing against Tamika this November. The ladies are in separate divisions of the National Physique Committee's competition guidelines.

At the top, there's bodybuilding, which is the traditional look most people think of when considering fitness competitions. Women's physique is the step just below bodybuilding.

The third tier is the figure division, which is what Edward is training for. Judges look for a more feminine look, with round, full muscle.

Tamika will compete in the bikini division. Competitors are judged on muscle development and symmetry, but it is the softest and most feminine look of the four.

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