Organ donation begins for brain-eating amoeba victim

Family of 12-year-old Zachary Cole Reyna donating his organs


MIAMI – The organs of a Florida child who was declared brain dead after suffering from a brain-eating amoeba were being harvested Monday night.

Zachary Cole Reyna, 12, was treated at Miami Children's Hospital after contracting the amoeba near his home in Southwest Florida.

His family posted an update to their Facebook page early Tuesday morning, saying in part:

Tonight at 10:13PM, Zachary Cole Reyna began his journey to save lives. Zac donated all his organs to others that were waiting on a miracle. Through donating his organs, Zac is living on. His heart will be pumping for someone, his lungs will be taking breaths for someone and all his other organs will change the lives of many.

Zac is our miracle. His strong spirit will always be among us. He changed all of our lives, brought us closer to God, strengthened our family and his story has touched people around the world.

We thank you all for your support and prayers.

The Reyna family also posted that funeral arrangements have not yet been made for the 12-year-old.