Clover is a joy to be around. And don't we all need joy in our lives? Click here to bring home forever happiness.

Clover is a joy to be around. 

This happy girl has a good attitude and gets along really well with everybody.  She is very calm and extremely attentive.  You can tell this is one smart cookie! 

She will look soulfully into your eyes, saying "pick me, pick me."  It's a wonder no one has yet adopted her, and now she needs somebody to take a chance and give her a real forever home. 

She had a home once, and arrived with a microchip, but sadly this sweet girl's owner hasn't come for her and now Clover really, really wants to be adopted. 

Animal ID Number: A1605392

Name: Clover

Age: 3.5 years old

Breed: Hound Mix

Sex: Spayed Female

Health: Full Medical Exam, completely healthy.

Temperament: Good with people and dogs

Weight: 46 pounds

Intake Date: 7/27/13