Melanie wants you to take her home and let her snuggle with you. Click here for a lifetime of snuggles.

Melanie is a very special little girl.  And when we say "little" we mean it!

This cute young shepherd mix is only 22 pounds and when she arrived at the Ft. Lauderdale Animal Care & Adoption Center, she was very thin and malnourished.  It was also clear she hadn't been socialized to other animals at all. 

But with the affection and attention she has been receiving from volunteers and staff, she has grown healthier and happier and blossomed into a real people lover.  Other dogs- still not so much. 

So Melanie needs a home where she can be the only pet.  She laps up attention and petting though, and clearly feels happy that her life has improved so much already.

Stand by her kennel and she will gaze adoringly at you; she nuzzles her little face into your hand, begging for chin scratches and imploring you to take her home and let her snuggle with you!  

Animal ID Number: A1605340                         ADOPTION FEE IS PAID FOR

Name: Melanie

Age: 6 months old

Breed: Shepherd Mix

Sex:  Spayed Female

Health: Full Medical Exam, recovering from kennel cough.

Temperament: Prefers to be only pet.

Weight: 22 pounds

Intake Date: 7/26/13