81 dogs removed from property in southwest Miami-Dade

Dogs removed from property to be adopted

HOMESTEAD, Fla. – The Miami-Dade Animal Services Department on Tuesday removed 81 dogs found inside filthy crates aboard a U-Haul truck on a property in southwest Miami-Dade County.

A tipster reported the dogs to investigators, who found animals at 12375 SW 248th Street.

"Every cage that we saw that was there had at least three inches of dried fecal matter," said Luis Salgado with the Miami-Dade Animal Services Department.

Investigators said a mother and daughter packed the dogs into the U-Haul.

"The truck was full of these animals, the cages were full of feces, and they were starting to transport them out of the property," said Salgado. "She was trying to remove the dogs from the property [and] obviously hide them from us."

By law, the women were allowed to keep eight of the dogs.

"Every time they picked up a stray -- they claimed they were strays -- they pick up the strays, she would try to get them adopted and then the mother would want to stay with them," said Salgado.

The 81 dogs were taken for veterinary treatment.

"They're all in fair conditions. They're all pretty dirty and just poor care, meaning they need baths and nail trimming and ear cleaning and definitely lots of love," said veterinarian Maria Serrano.

Charges weren't immediately filed.

The department waived adoption fees for the month of September. Anyone interested in adopting one of the dogs can visit the shelter at 7401 NW 74th Street.