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Bees swarm, kill family dog

PLANTATION, Fla. – Firefighters were called out to a South Florida home after a family's dog was attacked by a swarm of bees Friday afternoon.

A firefighter carries a dog who was attacked by a swarm of bees Friday afternoon to safety. Sadly, the dog was so severely injured, it had to be put down. -- Photo courtesy Betty Chenet

Beekeepers worked to remove the huge hive after it was found inside the walls of a home in Plantation.

Neighbors told Local 10's Janine Stanwood that they saw the swarm of bees coming from the back of the house and attacking the dog.

The animal was rushed to a veterinarian, but she was in such critical condition, she had to be put down.

Sky 10 was over the scene as firefighters sprayed foam to kill the bees, and knocking down tiles from the exterior walls to get to the hive.

The homeowner said he had no idea the hive was there.

Neighbors who ran to help the dog were also stung.

Neighbors tried helping by spraying the bees with water, but that agitated the swarm even more.

"I got the hose, and I started hosing it, but it got worse," said neighbor Betty Chenet.

A Plantation police officer was first on scene and attempted to rescue the dog before being stung at least 30 times.

Plantation Fire Rescue arrived shortly afterwards and began spraying foam on the house to kill the bees. Crews then started knocking down exterior walls to get to the hive.

The foam was then used on Baby Doll.

"Which is known to kill the bees, and we were able to kill them. At which point we were able to transfer the dog to a police car," said Plantation Fire Battalion Chief Joel Gordon.

"My dog was 60 pounds," said the homeowner who was visibly shaken by what had happened. "My son is 25 pounds. I also have two daughters and I'm grateful that it wasn't one of my kids."

Neighbors describe the dog, whose name was Baby Doll, as a big, white, friendly dog. They say they are heartbroken after finding out she had died.

A Plantation police officer who also rushed in to help the dog was also stung, but refused treatment.