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Who's to blame for Maritza Medina's death


SOUTH FLORIDA – Within hours of that heartbreaking crash on US-27 last week, we in the newsroom began getting calls and emails from friends and neighbors of the woman killed in that instant. They were blaming street closures for her death.

Maritza Medina
Maritza Medina

Many people who live near Southwest Ranches have been angry that the city had closed some street ends in the name of neighborhood safety. And they are convinced if the streets had remained open, Maritza Medina would never have had to drive on US-27.

That may well be the case. But it's not the point.

The blame for Medina's death belongs - not on gates or politics - but squarely on one man: the man who had murdered two women close to him Wednesday morning and was speeding recklessly away. He ran down signs, he ignored laws. And he obliterated Medina's car as she made a lawful turn on a public highway.

The crash could have happened on any road in South Florida.

And it has.

Remember the man speeding the wrong way up I-95 a few months ago? He killed four young people in a van there. Again, the blame is squarely on him.

In Medina's case, the murderer is not around to face the consequences. He killed himself that day. And that lack of closure is probably part of the grief Medina's family has to deal with.

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