Simple procedure addresses causes of leg pain

In office procedure done without anesthesia

MIAMI – Arty Greene used to enjoy taking part in social activities until leg pain began to cramp his style.

"There was a time when I couldn't get this foot into a shoe to tie the laces," he said pointing to his right foot.

Greene turned to Local10 medical expert Dr. Ari Soffer for help and was diagnosed with a condition called Venous Insufficiency.

"Venous Insufficiency is the inability of your system to keep your blood flowing one way. Basically after the age of 40, your second heart is your legs," said cardiologist and vein specialist Dr. Rick Fraga.

Symptoms of VI include leg swelling a feeling of tiredness in the legs, cramps, restless legs, hyper-pigmentation, varicose and spider veins.

"Unfortunately a lot of doctors will assume that the swelling of the legs is from cardiac function and the medications they're taking," said Fraga.

A simple mini ultrasound device can quickly and easily scan the legs and determine if VI is the cause of the problem.

If so, an in office procedure called Venous Ablation can correct it.

"It's short, painless. You walk in, you walk out," said Fraga.

The number of treatments depends on the severity of each case.

Greene went through four treatments on one leg, two on the other and now no longer has pain or swelling.

"I'm amazed now, my legs feel 15 years younger," he said.

For an article by Dr. Ariel Soffer that was recently published in VEIN Journal, click here and go to page 54.

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