Parents talk car crash, twins birth

Antavian Milton: 'There was a lot going on'


MIAMI – The parents of twins who were born following a car crash last week said they must have had angel watching over them.

Jessica Stanley and Antavian Milton introduced their twin boys to reporters at Jackson South Hospital on Monday morning. Boy boys are named after their father, Antavian II and Antavian III.

The couple and their other three children, ages 9, 3, and 1, were racing to the hospital early Friday morning when a car pulled in front of them as they headed east on Southwest 152nd Street.

"I was trying to hold them in and their dad was like 'Hold them, don't let them come out, we almost to the hospital,' and as we got down the street from the hospital, a car came in front of us," said Stanley.

"She actually pulled all the way into the far lane instead of the middle lane, and when she did that, I didn't have no way to go. All I had to do was hit her car," added Milton.

"And, that's when the impact happened. Our car hit the car from behind and the baby's head came out," Stanly continued.

"The way the car hit, I thought she hit her stomach and possibly killed my boys that was inside of her, so my only concern really was to get the girls out of the back seat and the baby, and then once I realized that she was alright with these two, I don't know, I just -- there was a lot going on," said Milton.


Betty Hornes, who works as a nurse at Baptist Hospital, stopped to help as she drove by the crash. She ended up delivering Antavian II in the car.

"She was a blessing. She was an amazing person," said Milton.

Paramedics rushed Stanley to the Jackson South, where doctors performed an emergency cesarean section and Antavian III was born.

Doctors said both babies are healthy and should be headed home this week.