Vigil held for dead teenager

Family, friends gathered to remember Tiffany Cabreja

MIAMI – Family and friends of 18-year-old Tiffany Cabreja gathered Monday night to mourn the death of their friend, and to light candles in remembrance.

"I do not sleep. I do not eat. I do not think straight. Thinking what they did to my daughter. What they did to hurt was very, very awful," said Cabreja's mother, Miriam Vasquez.

They stood hugging and crying a few feet from where the body of the teen was found on Saturday. It was the kind of support you'd expect from loved ones, and the kind Cabreja's family now leans on for strength.

"She had a lot of friends, people who cared until they killed her and threw her here on the floor," said Domingo Cabreja, Tiffany's father.

Detectives were there as well, hoping to learn a little more about the people who Tiffany called friends. They're also still looking for the driver of the truck that investigators say Tiffany's body fell out of a block from where she was dumped

Witnesses say the driver picked her body up off the street and put her back in the cab.

"Not even an animal do you treat like that," said Jorge Guzman, a friend of Tiffany's. "She wasn't some dog. She was a human being. You don't do that. That's wrong."

Police are now just as concerned about the well-being of a child who was seen in a car seat inside the truck.

Late Monday, detectives expressed frustration with Tiffany's father who made up a story about his daughter's killer.

"He tell me he was working construction. He had a job. And this and that. I know he has a 3-year-old daughter which is why I imagine its him," said Domingo.

Detectives feel the story has taken the attention away from trying to find the driver of that truck. They've also run into problems with people refusing to talk because of their immigration status.