Mom in missing boy case back in jail

Brittney Sierra booked back into jail

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A pregnant woman whose son was found buried in the back yard of a Hallandale Beach home she rented with the boy's father returned to jail late Tuesday.

Brittney Sierra was released the day before to give birth at a woman's house, but that woman later backed out, said her attorney, Dohn Williams.

"If she's my daughter, I can't help her," said Yolande Georges, who was set to house Sierra, 22.

Georges said she's friends with Sierra's mother but her conscience wouldn't allow her to house the woman's daughter.

"I was knowing the mother a long time, long, long, long time," said Georges. "The mother was very cry, cry, cry, cry with me. She got problem."

Georges said she knew Sierra was in jail, but didn't find out why until Tuesday.

"I changed my mind because I never knew what she do it [sic]. I was never knew what she do it," she said. "The situation, it's terrible."

Sierra's attorney hopes a relative of Sierra's father can house her. Another hearing may take place Thursday.

The body of Sierra's son, Dontrell Melvin, was found Jan. 11. The infant was last seen alive 18 months before when he was 5 months old.

The Broward Medical Examiner ruled he likely died when he was 6 months old. According to the Hallandale Beach Police Department, a University of North Texas DNA analysis report found "genetic data are approximately 31.2 trillion times more likely to be observed under the scenario that the unidentified remains originated from a biological child of Brittney J. Sierra and Calvin Melvin Jr. as opposed to the unidentified remains originating from an unrelated individual from any of the three major U.S. population groups."


A Broward Sheriff's Office deputy discovered the boy was missing while investigating an unrelated child neglect case on Jan. 9.

The remains police found had blunt trauma injuries, according to Hallandale Beach police reports. But the reports indicate the injuries were caused by police officers during the recovery process.