Friend of man ran over by dump truck outraged

Police say driver will not be charged


MIAMI – Police say they will not press charges against a driver who allegedly ran over and killed a 54-year-old man at a gas station in Northwest Miami-Dade.

The incident happened Saturday morning at the CR gas station, located at 2810 Northwest 12th Avenue in Miami.

Miami police said Wilfredo Gonzalez, 54, decided to rest his head on the curb with his body on the ramp where drivers enter the gas station.

MPD announced that the driver behind the wheel of the dump truck turned himself in to police Sunday morning.

MPD tweeted out Sunday:

#dumptruck #driver came into station late last night after media airs story & photo of truck great job! No charges being filed #caseclosed

"It makes no sense. Senseless," said Ronald Santa Maria, a friend of Gonzalez's. "Unbelievable."

Surveillance video showed the dump truck make a wide turn into the gas station.

"It can't be like that," Santa Maria said. "If you take somebody's life, how it's going to be a closed case? It makes no sense."

A Miami police spokesman said Sunday that the department and the state attorney's office did not charge the driver after reviewing the surveillance video which captured Gonzalez as he slept, lying on the curb and driveway ramp. They concluded that the driver was unaware that he had run over a human being. The driver told police he thought he had only run over the curb.

It doesn't make any sense," Santa Maria said. "If you hit the curb, you feel you hit something. He didn't know he hit a body? They have to get that guy. He has to pay for what he did. We are taking about a human being."

The identity of the driver is expected to be released Monday.

Gonzalez's son told Local 10 that the family is getting an attorney to fight for justice.