Soldier's hospital bed salute stirs emotions

Cpl. Josh Hargis was wounded in Afghanistan

(Taylor Hargis/Facebook)

A picture showing a wounded soldier saluting his commanding officer from a hospital bed has stirred emotions throughout the world.

The photo of Cpl. Josh Hargis' salute went viral after it was posted on Facebook by his wife.

In the picture, Hargis is seen making the gesture after receiving his Purple Heart after being wounded in battle.

Hargis, as protocol states, was attempting to salute the officer after receiving the military decoration. When a doctor tried to restrain Hargis' arm, the 24-year-old from Cincinnati pushed the doctor away and continued with the salute.

According to reports, about 50 of Hargis' fellow Rangers were by his side when he was awarded the Purple Heart and several were moved to tears by his determination to salute.

Hargis was wounded while on a mission in southern Afghanistan. It was on the mission when a suicide bomber blew herself up, triggering other IEDs in the area.

Hargis is now headed back home and according to his wife, he will be "just fine."