Florida Gov Rick Scott visits Latin Chamber of Commerce in Little Havana

Gov. Scott looks to win Hispanic vote


MIAMI – Gov. Rick Scott hasn't made it official yet, but it's no secret he's running for reelection. To win a second term, he'll need Hispanic votes, and on Thursday, he was out looking for them at Camacol, the Latin Chamber of Commerce in Little Havana.

Scott got plenty of strokes from PortMiami director Bill Johnson, but then Scott is responsible for the port getting $78 million from the state to deep dredge the port channel.

"We put up the money with your state tax dollars and already thousands and thousands and thousands of jobs are already being created in and around the port," said Scott.

"The dredging of the port channel is so important for Miami-Dade County," added Miami-Dade Commission Chair Rebeca Sosa.

Scott easily won the Cuban-American vote when he ran the three years ago, and this visit to the Latin Chamber is part of a concerted effort to win it again.

First, Scott will have to contend with Charlie Crist, who's expected to announce soon he's running as a Democrat. So far, Scott has reported collecting $18.5 million for his campaign.

"I think when people invest in my campaign, they're investing in good government," said Scott.