Mailman credited with saving woman's life

Jesus Malvarez heard woman's cry as he delivered her mail

MIAMI – A mailman was credited with saving the life of a woman on his route after hearing her cry for help.

For a decade, Jesus Malvarez has taken the time to get to know everyone on his route in Coconut Grove. He said it's with great pride that he goes from one home to another to drop off mail and packages.

"Me emociono," Malvarez said.

As Malvarez was about to slip mail through a slot last week, he heard someone inside yelling for help.

"I said, 'What happened Olga?' and she said, 'Jesus, open the door, it's open.' Go inside and I see her on the couch and she's shaking," Malvarez said.

Malvarez quickly called 911 and tried his best to walk dispatch through what was happening while also trying to get a hold of the woman's family.

"Rescue called me and asked me what kind of medicine she has. I said, 'I don't know. I'm the mailman. I just came to help her,'" Malvarez said.

Malvarez stayed with Olga until help arrived and she was rushed to Mercy Hospital.

Olga is reportedly fine, and Malvarez said they saw each other again Monday when he went to deliver her mail.