Flamin' hot chips have not-so-hot health consequences

Hot-and-spicy snacks taking toll on stomach linings


DETROIT – Hot and spicy snack foods are leaving more and more kids with not-so-hot feelings in their tummies. In fact, more and more of them are winding up in hospital emergency rooms.

According to an article in the Medical Daily, doctors are seeing kids doubled over with stomach pain after downing several bags of the snacks, but they also see lot of worried parents who believe their child's stool has blood in it, due to the dark orange and red coloring of the snacks.

Medical Daily reports, there are already some school districts in New Mexico, California and Illinois that have banned the snacks due to their lack of nutritional value, hoping to encourage children to eat healthier foods like string cheese, apples, or pretzels instead of spicy chips and Cheetos.

Because Flamin' Hot Cheetos have become so popular among young people, other snack companies have created spicy products to compete: Hot 'N Spicy Crunchy Nuggetz, Sizzlin' Cheese Flavored Twists, and Sizzlin' Hot Crunchy Kurls - just to name a few.