Jason Beckman found guilty of 1st-degree murder

Jurors convict Beckman of killing father Jay Beckman

MIAMI – Jurors delivered a guilty verdict for Jason Beckman Monday night in the 2009 murder of his father, South Miami Commissioner Jay Beckman.

Jurors began their deliberation a few hours before reaching their verdict on the first-degree murder charge.

Prosecutors argued Beckman, 21, shot his father while he showered.

"He leveled that shotgun, he aimed it, and he fired," said assistant state attorney Gail Levine.

During closing arguments, Beckman's attorney, Herb Smith, said the shooting was an accident.

"Where is the evidence that the shotgun case was taken out of the closet?" said Smith. "Where is the evidence that the shotgun was in the shotgun case? Where is the evidence that Jason opened it, put it together, loaded it, and did all those things?"

A longtime friend of Beckman testified that Beckman wanted to kill his father. A jailhouse informant also testified that he admitted to killing his father.

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