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4-year-old girl found safe; Police looking for man she was with

Man ran off after witnesses saw him with girl

MIAMI – A Miami child who was reported missing Friday has been found safe, police announced Sunday morning. 

However, police are still looking for the man who she was with her during her disappearance.

The girl was found about 5:30 a.m. Sunday. According to police, a driver spotted the child walking with a man near the home she disappeared from and honked her horn. A neighbor heard the sound and, along with the driver, confronted the man, who left the little girl behind but took off. 

"As the witness saw her in the street with the male, she was right in front of her home," said Miami police spokesperson Frederica Burden. "[The witness] knew something was wrong. Thanks to the flyers.. and the information that has been given out the entire weekend, she knew that this was possibly the little girl who was missing."

The girl has been reunited with her parents and is being checked out by a doctor.

After being reunited with family, police say the child drank ten cartons of juice and appears to be happy to be back with her mother.

"Her status I'd say is pretty good," Burden reported Sunday morning. "Everyone, investigators from this multi-agency investigation that we've been dealing with-- FBI, FDLE, [Miami-Dade] County, City [of Miami], everyone is ecstatic right now."

The girl was reported missing Friday. She had disappeared from her home at 36 NE 64th Terrace, where she had been playing in the front yard with her sister and friends. 

On Sunday, police released a new sketch of a man who was thought to have been in the area at the time of her disappearance.