Kiwanis Club of Little Havana, medical group give man prosthetic legs

Hugo Barbosa born without legs, arms

MIAMI – A 26-year-old man born without legs and arms received prosthetic legs before Christmas.

As a child in Colombia, Hugo Barbosa never dreamed that he'd be able to walk but he always kept faith.

"Never give up," he said.

When members of the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana met Barbosa, he was bound to a wheelchair. They, along with Quirantes Orthopedics, split the $14,000 cost to fit him with prosthetic legs.

"I was crying," said Jorge Fernandez, vice president of the Kiwanis Club. "I was crying just to see him do that and he was so happy."

"For this club and for me and for all the other members involved to participate and make this change in someone's life, it's priceless," added Tony Lorenzo, president of the Kiwanis Club.

Barbosa's life has since changed.

"My friends had to take me to the car. You know, I'm a little heavy," he said. "But now I can go to nightclubs, I can go to parties."

Barbosa said he's more confident but walking takes practice and he still depends on his wheelchair.

"It's back to reality," he said. "It feels a little different but I wanna be like normal."

Barbosa hopes to someday became a computer engineer.