Worker falls from Miami construction site

Authorities say construction worker fell possibly from 5th floor landing


MIAMI – A 27-year-old construction worker fell from possibly a 5th floor landing at a job site in Miami, authorities say.

The incident happened about two hours into their work day Sunday at a site near Northeast 2nd Avenue and Northeast 25th Street, according to a spokesman for Miami's Fire Department.

"Some way or another he slipped and fell about 15 to 20 feet," said Lt. Iggy Carroll with Miami Fire Rescue. "Several co-workers ran to his aid and not responsive at all, and 911 was called."


"The only thing we heard was a huge noise and everybody from the top levels just stopped, just stopped immediately," said Jack Ridges, who lives nearby. "They brought up a ladder all the way up there, guy is in a neck brace."

"We had to call our TRT to lower him four stories down to awaiting paramedics," Carroll said.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's website, falls from job sites are the most common workplace accident. OSHA inspectors are expected to canvass the site.

"Right now, Miami homicide is on the scene conducting an investigation. All work has stopped while they conduct an investigation," said Carroll.

A spokeswoman for the developer told Local 10, "The Melo Group treats workplace safety with the utmost importance and we are investigating the events that led to this occurrence. We believe that the contractor was following proper safety procedures at the time of the incident, as is required by our company. He is currently being treated and we will keep you posted as to his recovery."

"He was exercising all safety measures but it is that one time where he disconnected his line to reposition himself is when this unfortunate accident occurred," said Carroll.