Residents clean up after water pipe bursts twice in Miami Gardens

Pipe burst along Northwest 191st Street and 38th Avenue

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Miami-Dade Water & Sewer worked through the night to put in a new pipe after the previous pipe burst for a second time on Wednesday, sending water gushing into homes. It happened along Northwest 191st Street and 38th Avenue in Miami Gardens.

"It's like going to a waterfall. That is what it sounded like. It was just coming out," said Beverley Stern.

"We heard a big boom," said another resident.

Cell phone video caught the aftermath, even a family pup had to doggy paddle to get through the backyard.

Some people also tried to stop the tide with towels, but had no luck.

The pipe first burst Wednesday morning. Crews then made repairs, but the same pipe burst again in a different area. They were back out later that night, making more repairs and shutting off the valve.

Silvia Cox held back tears when talking about the mess. She was angry and frustrated because she says crews took too long to stop the leak the first time around.

"We need to replace these old pipes, they have run their course," said Nathaniel Payne.

Crews said it took several hours to shut the main off because they had to dig up old valves.

The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department has since issued a precautionary boil water order for several  homes in the area of Northwest 191st Street to 192nd Street between 37th Court and 39th Avenue.

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