Fan frenzy, media circus follow Justin Bieber after his arrest

Bieber bonds out after arrest Thursday morning

MIAMI – The fan frenzy and media circus side show had the Bieber meter pegged.

Local news, national news, cable outlets, helicopters overhead, video bloggers outside the fence and just the curious with a camera all came out of the woodwork with Bieber fever.

"You have a huge star. A glamorous location. Driving Lamborghini's, drag racing while intoxicated," said Matt Gutman of ABC News. "The guy has how many? Forty, fifty million twitter followers? This is an enormous story."

As the media hoard grew outside the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, some of the best information and content was actually being posted on social media.

"Everybody is a paparazzi nowadays," said Kiki Garcia-Montes, a producer for Extra. "Everybody has a camera or a cell phone. Now it is so much easier for everybody to know what they are doing and get in trouble."

Fans were found waiting outside the jail for bad boy Bieber

"I was in school, in class and my cousins were texting me, telling me where he was and I had to just come and see him," said Priscilla Carril.

"We will not stand for this injustice. We are here to bail out Justin Bieber," said Power 96 disc jockey J.P Bigly. "We have a piggy bank full of coins and we will do whatever it takes to make sure Bieber goes free. Free Bieber!"

And the Biebs didn't disappoint on his jailhouse walk -- getting on top of his Escalade and waving to the throng. Believe it or not, for some it was an emotional moment.

"I love you Justin. I will always be here for you," said Bieber fan Amanda Perez. "This is the first time I have ever seen him, ever and my heart just dropped."