Lego animals invade Zoo Miami

9-foot, 400 pound, 95,000 piece polar bear is exhibit's signature piece

Creatures of Habitat: A Gazillion-Piece Animal Adventure, the first LEGO® brick animal exhibit at Zoo Miami and in Miami, opens on Jan. 29 and will run through June 22.

The exhibit's signature piece: the 9-foot, 400 pound, 95,000 piece polar bear - an Arctic phenomenon you will have to see to believe.

Through the use of incredible LEGO® brick sculptures and personal interactions with Zoo staff, Creatures of Habitat highlights Zoo Miami's role in protecting wildlife around the world and inspires each of us to understand how our actions can make a difference.

Creatures of Habitat, designed by the Philadelphia Zoo with the engagement of LEGO® Certified Professional Sean Kenney, is the first hands-on, interactive exhibit about vanishing habitats told through sculptures made of LEGO® bricks.

It took Kenney and his team over six months, and hundreds of thousands of toy bricks, to create the thirty-two individual sculptures that make up the Creatures of Habitat exhibit. 

Before coming to Zoo Miami, the exhibit was on display at the Hogle Zoo in Utah.

For more information, visit Zoo Miami's website.