Police make 2nd arrest in North Miami Beach rape case

Police chase leads to arrest


NORTH MIAMI BEACH – A second person of interest was taken into custody Tuesday in connection with the case of a woman who was raped in North Miami Beach a few weeks ago.

Undercover detectives were watching several locations for one particular person of interest in the kidnapping and sexual battery case.

The 17-year-old suspect was seen in a blue Nissan at one of the locations. That's when detectives followed the car onto Interstate 95.

The pursuit went on for several miles until other law enforcement officers from different areas, including Miami-Dade police intercepted, ending the chase in Little Haiti.

Officials said the person of interest was arrested for a November robbery case and taken to Miami-Dade Police Headquarters, where detectives from both agencies will be interviewing him on the robbery case and the kidnapping and sexual battery case.

Over the weekend, police arrested a juvenile suspect in the case. That man was charged with armed sexual battery, armed carjacking, armed kidnapping, and possession of marijuana.

According to detectives, on Jan. 16, the woman was picking up take-out at a Creole restaurant along 167th Street when she was kidnapped by two armed men in the rear parking lot of the building.

The woman was then forced into the back seat of a vehicle and driven away.

The men then pulled into a BP gas station on Northeast 8th Avenue and used the victim's credit card to fill their car's tank.

From there they went across the street to a Wells Fargo bank, where they forced the woman to withdraw several hundred dollars from the ATM.

Investigators say they spent the next several hours driving around, sexually assaulting the victim.

The investigation continues. Police say there may be other suspects involved.

Anyone with information about this case can contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.