Is man arrested second suspect in deadly Miami hold-up?

Police want to know if suspect is same masked man seen in deadly shooting


MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – Police have made a second arrest in a violent robbery at a Royal Castle restaurant in North Miami, and now cops want to know if that suspect is the same masked man seen in a robbery and deadly shooting that happened at the nail salon just 22 blocks away.

Police said it's 33-year-old Kenneth Presley (pictured, below), who was caught on surveillance video robbing a restaurant in November.

Presley's alleged accomplice, 19-year-old Anthawn Ragan, was seen in the same video holding a gun to a worker's head.


Ragan was charged with the violent hold-up after police arrested him for killing 10-year-old Aaron Vu.

Ragan along with another man was caught on surveillance video shooting the child after they robbed his parent's nail salon.

The second man in the hold-up is still on the run.

The question for police is if could Presley be the man the man they are looking for.

In both robberies, the men covered their faces. In both crimes, police said there was little regard for life. In addition, both happened at businesses on 441, less than 2 miles apart.