North Miami police chief resigns

Served the department since 2010

NORTH MIAMI, Fla – North Miami Chief of Police Marc Elias Jr. has resigned from the department a city spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Elias and North Miami City Manager Stephen Johnson "have agreed to an amicable conclusion to his service" said city spokeswoman Pam Solomon in a press release.

Elias came under fire for seven trips that he took to Haiti and charged the city for. He eventually paid some of that money back.

Elias was also rushed to the hospital with chest pains on Monday and is in stable condition.

The city is now looking for a temporary chief until a new one can be found.

Elias was hired back in 2010 as assistant chief and was named chief the following year.

"The city of North Miami thanks him for his service to the community since 2010," wrote Solomon.