Changes made at Miami Beach 911 dispatcher center

Local 10 investigation prompts change at Miami Beach 911 dispatcher center

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A Local 10 investigation exposing Miami Beach police 911 dispatchers sleeping on the job has prompted change at the department.

The Public Communications Unit of the Miami Beach Police will now report directly to Emergency Management Coordinator Chuck Tear. Tear oversaw the 911 unit in Palm Beach County when he was the Public Safety Director there.

Miami beach has now created a "quiet/de-stress room" so that operators and dispatchers can take breaks outside of the control room floor. Personnel are no longer allowed to take breaks at their workstations.

Further steps will be taken as necessary.

A source says the city knew there were problems with the unit, but Local 10's story was the final straw.

City Manager Jimmy Morales says:

"I also want to point out that we have not identified any instances where the public was endangered. These were supervisors, and not call takers or dispatchers. There is no evidence or complaints that any calls were lost or not taken. I am not excusing the supervisors, but simply wanting to assure you that the incoming 911 calls appear to have been handled appropriately notwithstanding the supervisors' actions."