Driver hits cyclist, dumps injured man behind trash bin

Doctors tell victim in hit-and-run he will never walk again

MIAMI – Doctors told Craig Camlin that he will never walk again.

Camlin, 53, was at Broward Health North Friday. Rescue took him there after a car struck him while he was riding his bicycle about 6:30 a.m., Dec. 17.

"We have nothing," his sister Jayne Camilin said. "His whole life has been impacted by this. It has not only changed his life. It has changed us as a family."

Camlin, a drywall installer, was riding his bicycle to work. Axel Inostroza, 27, was driving his Mustang home when he struck Camlin from behind.

Camlin's body flew over the roof. Inostroza did not stop. Camlin was wedged between the rear window, and the spoiler on the trunk of the car.

Inostroza drove home for about two more miles. Once he came to a stop and noticed Camlin, he pulled the injured man off the back of the car and dumped him behind a trash bin.

Landscapers found him.

Camlin didn't have health insurance. And already his medical bills have hit about $1 million.

"Most of his family is in New Jersey, where we hope to bring him back," his sister said. "That is why we need the help."

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